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Purina DentaLife Chicken Dental Treat for Dog, Help your dog care for and clean his teeth while keeping his smile on point with Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care mini adult dog treats. You can appreciate the wholesome ingredients in each dog treat, and he gets the tasty chicken flavor he yearns for at snack time. With a formula that's scientifically tested to reduce tartar buildup, these VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) Accepted treats help to deliver a breakthrough clean that's sure to keep you both smiling. The innovative design of these Purina DentaLife dog treats, which contains eight distinct ridges plus thousands of air pockets that create a porous, chewy texture, cleans his teeth right down to the gumline.

Purina DentaLife Chicken Dental Treat for Dog, 20 lb Pouch
Scientifically proven to have a 57 percent average reduction in tartar buildup, which helps freshen breath.
Eight distinct ridges and a porous texture help clean hard-to-reach teeth down to the gumline.
Innovative design with a chewy, porous texture.
No artificial flavors or colors.
Proudly produced in our facilities.

Purina DentaLife Chicken Dental Treats for Dogs, 58 CT Pouch

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